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Video and Big Data: How Analytics Can Inform Your Video Marketing Campaigns by our company

It was just over a decade ago that Youtube made its debut, introducing a wealth of video content to an internet landscape that finally had the bandwidth and speed to support it. Ever since then, a video has been an important form of digital content. From entertainers like PewDiePie to educational and informational videos like Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, a video is a major component of many companies’ content marketing strategy.

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Value of our Open Source Software that Brings: Why Open Source is Good For Business

When your company needs a software program that’s capable of handling a particular set of tasks, the natural question that arises is “Build it or buy it?” In some cases, robust software or software-as-a-service platforms are already available to provide the features your company needs, especially for functions that are largely shared among companies across a variety of drastically different industries. There are plenty of CRM platforms and accounting software suites on the market.

Why You Need to A/B Test Your Internal Videos

The science is in: video has become one of the most powerful content formats. Studies have shown that including a video on your website can increase conversion by 80%, while mixing video with full-page ads enhanced engagement by 22%. According to recent reports, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it online.

9 Ways to Improve Your Employee Training Videos

For any business, orienting new employees is important. Even if they’re entering a job position for which they’ve received specialized education or training, they need to be briefed on how to do their job and what to expect. Many enterprises handle this with employee training videos. Creating videos frees up staff who might otherwise have to step away from work to train new people. Video can also be disseminated easily, making it useful for global or national retailers and food service franchises. With helpful platforms like Qumu, it’s easier than ever to create and disseminate high quality internal videos.

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Qumu: Why Implementation Matters in the Distribution of Video Content

Today, technology is growing and expanding at an exponential pace. The ways that we consume online media are continually evolving, and for brands, it’s essential to keep pace. Your business is always looking for the most effective ways to broadcast your message to your audience of potential clients or consumers, but yesterday’s media channels won’t necessarily be effective going forward. Nowadays, it’s essential to leverage multiple types of media to reach as many people as you can as effectively as possible.


Analytics Roundup: The Role of Business Video Content in Conversions

You likely know that video content is a wildly successful marketing tactic, but do you know why it’s so effective? Picture this: you’ve heard of a product through an ad, online, or by word of mouth, and you want to do a bit more research before making a purchase. When you’re looking around online, you’re probably going to stumble across a video that reviews the product you want to purchase. This video might make or break your decision to purchase a product.


5 Reasons Video is Your Best Hire for 2016

Obviously, video isn’t new. But now more than ever, companies are figuring out how using video throughout their entire operational systems can benefit their businesses – and their bottom lines. From informational recruitment videos through onboarding, training, and continuing education, video is a fantastic tool. Although it may seem intimidating, including video in your enterprise systems can provide numerous benefits to your organization.