5 Mobile Application Development Trends to Watch in 2020

Geoffrey Lee

Throughout the last couple of decades, mobile applications have gone from a futuristic concept to a practical part of everyday reality. Given the phenomenal growth of this sector, it’s no wonder that new trends seem to emerge almost constantly, and these are some of the most exciting ones that we have identified for 2020.

  1. Apps Will Be Integrated with The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is essentially a network in which all sorts of traditionally unrelated devices connect and communicate. For example, with the IoT, your car will be able to communicate with all of the others on the road to prevent accidents. IoT is currently enjoying an annual growth rate of about 20%. Many people are already using IoT integrated mobile apps, such as those that work in conjunction with smart home systems.

  1. 5G Will Pave The Way for New Possibilities

The newest rollout in mobile data connections, 5G, is expected to have 15 times the users in 2020 that it did in 2019. For developers, this is welcome news—5G can reduce app latency by ten times, allowing far more complex applications to run seamlessly on users’ devices.

  1. Mobile Commerce Apps Will Continue to Climb

Mobile commerce isn’t exactly new; it’s one of the related reasons we identified the need for custom apps in a recent blog post. Still, mobile commerce is likely to climb to entirely new heights in 2020, with projections forecasting that it will account for 45% of the total eCommerce market in the United States by the end of the year.

  1. More Apps Will Implement Artificial Intelligence

Many consumers don’t realize just how ubiquitous AI has already become, and it’s only going to get more popular with mobile apps as time goes on. Predictive text and speech recognition are just a couple of common AI features that many applications have adopted. There are many different ways that we might continue to see artificial intelligence integrated into applications this year, like facial recognition as an added security measure for apps that contain highly sensitive or personal data.

  1. Augmented Reality Will Take Center Stage

Projections place the value of the AR market at $18.8 billion by 2023, so there’s no doubt that an increasing number of mobile apps will feature this popular trend in 2020. There are practically limitless options for how AR might be utilized in apps—clothing retailers could allow consumers to “see” how certain items would look on them. More apps providing directions could offer real-world, turn-by-turn assistance using nothing but the user’s camera.

Mobile apps may see significant progress this year, but it will still take the experience to produce high-quality solutions. At PulaTech, our application development services are truly where we thrive. For assistance in creating mobile apps that will thrive in 2020 and beyond, reach out to the PulaTech team to see how we can help.

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