5 Reasons Video is Your Best Hire for 2016

Geoffrey Lee

The biggest business buzzword of the New Year? VIDEO.

Obviously, video isn’t new. But now more than ever, companies are figuring out how using video throughout their entire operational systems can benefit their businesses – and their bottom lines. From informational recruitment videos through onboarding, training, and continuing education, video is a fantastic tool. Although it may seem intimidating, including video in your enterprise systems can provide numerous benefits to your organization.

1. Video is always “on.”

Integrating video into a system that’s accessible from anywhere at any time by interested and authorized viewers is the ultimate in convenience. Employees can access video when they want from a device of their choosing rather than having to attend a meeting in person at a time that may not be opportune. Being able to stop and start video allows your team to maximize efficiency when on the go and minimizes the probability of interruptions hindering business productivity.

2. Minimizes Training Costs

Not having to travel or rearrange other business around attending a debriefing, seminar, class, or update saves your organization money.  In addition to saving the cost of venue, infrastructure, travel, and employee time, business video solutions allow employees to be more productive and efficient by offering access at their convenience.  Leveraging video to deliver continuing education, certification courses, risk and compliance training, and other traditionally “in-person” training is a great way to streamline productivity and reduce training costs.

3. Maximizes Global Reach

Video can be easily and cost-effectively adapted to a variety of different languages via subtitling or overdubbing. Rather than holding multiple meetings or courses in numerous locations to accommodate multinational offices and factories, an organization can now upload video to a company-wide library,  allowing a viewer to access it with the language adaptation of their choice.

4. Easily Adaptable

One of the best parts of video is that you can edit it – as many times as you need to. Publishing video for a multinational company, you may want to tailor your presentations for a diverse audience. Unlike in-person training sessions, which must be repeated regularly to ensure your company stays up-to-date  on the latest methods, technology, and best practices, you can easily and economically edit videos to stay current. And, with cloud-based video, you can tailor each person’s access to their location, position, and clearances as appropriate and change that access at any time.

5. More Effective

Videos that include pictures, words, illustrations, and optional subtitles can actively engage employees with a variety of learning styles and special needs. A study commissioned by the US Department of Education showed that on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.[1]  Video-based, interactive training can also be more interesting than traditional lecture-based learning, encouraging more employees to complete the programs and retain the information.


Integrating video into your existing enterprise technology is easy if you have the right partner. Pulatech’s business video services can integrate video content into your existing organizational systems and allow you to harness the power of video for your business. Whether it’s marketing material, corporate content, entertainment, or employee training videos, let the business video developers at PulaTech do the heavy lifting. Contact us to get started!

 [1] Lohr, Steve. “Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom.” The New York Times. The New York Times Company, 19 Aug 2009. Web. 30 Dec 2015.

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