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PulaTech Simplify The Waiting Room Experience With PulaKiosk

Simplify The Waiting Room Experience With PulaKiosk

Americans, impatient by nature, aren’t enlightened by the unnecessarily long wait times at hospitals or clinics. Many make quick visits between lunch, have other functions to attend, and simply don’t like being told to wait – emotionally, humans operate on short fuses when not attended to immediately. One author goes as far as calling the aura of waiting rooms similar to that of Greyhound bus stations.


PulaKiosk – Our Innovative New Kickstarter Project

Here at PulaTech we are delighted to formally announce the coming of a new product! The PulaKiosk Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 15th in order to help us blast past some of the up-front costs currently hindering us from bringing this brilliant, beautiful new product to the market.