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PulaTech ebooks helps to grow business using video content management.

Personalize your relationship with customers using video to express your business to every customer.PulaTech eBooks help you to grow your business by expressing yourself with video content management.


Video for Business: From Concept to Conceptualization

Integrating video into your internal operations and training modules as well as your customer-focused website and sales portals can save you money, streamline your training process, improve internal communications, and increase sales and profit margins..


Express Yourself with WCM

In this eBook, we’ll help you focus on what your web content should and could be doing for your business so you can figure out where you need to focus your resources for improvement.


Using Technology to Personalize Your Customer Relationships

Since so much of your business hinges on customer relationships, how do you build and preserve these relationships while rarely or never seeing your customers face to face? Find out with this eBook.

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