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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing

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Hottest Trends of 2017 in Enterprise Software Integration

Information controls everything in a modern company.  As businesses continue to implement more wide-ranging software solutions and rely on integrated IT infrastructures, enterprise software integration (ESI) is becoming more and more important. ESI (sometimes known as Enterprise Application Integration) is a specialized IT field that uses middleware applications to connect critical business software systems to one another and allow easy transfer of data between disparate applications.

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Does Your CRM System Do This?

Recent advances in technology have created an almighty consumer who can research, communicate, and purchase wherever they are and whenever they want. They expect companies to be updated in accordance with their changing needs. When it doesn’t happen, they simply switch to a different brand.

Small Business SaaS: How and Why It Matters

For small Businesses, the recent rise of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms has made the resources you need more available than ever before. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and data security that SaaS provides is a perfect fit for small to midsize companies. Today, a truly impressive number of day-to-day business tasks can be achieved with a yearly or monthly subscription to various SaaS platforms. Bookkeeping and accounting, digital marketing, communication, commerce — all of these things can be optimized, and sometimes even automated, with SaaS. For that reason, this approach to business software integration has been rapidly growing in popularity among SMBs.Today, Small Businesses Spend More on SaaS Than

API_ What It Is and Why It Matters for Productivity

API: What It Is and Why It Matters for Productivity

API stands for “application programming interface,” and it’s absolutely essential to software integration. It’s kind of like a “handshake” between two different software programs, bringing them together to exchange information. The key word here is “interface” — it joins two different software programs together.


Cloud-Based Solutions: Efficient Tools for Global Teams

The recent advancements in cloud computing have been a major technological boon to the world of business. The value of the cloud can be distilled into three “Cs”: collaboration, communication, and cost. Cloud services have opened up new opportunities for remote collaboration and global communication among workers—capabilities that can ultimately bring down the cost of doing business for everyone.