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How The Right Web Content Management Solution Can Revolutionize Your Business

If you’re attempting to run your business without a thoughtful, intuitive website (or with no website at all), then you’re making a grave error in judgment. A large portion of modern consumers will be hesitant to work with you if your online presence is poor, and nearly a third of your potential clients will choose …

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9 Ways to Improve Your Employee Training Videos

For any business, orienting new employees is important. Even if they’re entering a job position for which they’ve received specialized education or training, they need to be briefed on how to do their job and what to expect. Many enterprises handle this with employee training videos. Creating videos frees up staff who might otherwise have to step away from work to train new people. Video can also be disseminated easily, making it useful for global or national retailers and food service franchises. With helpful platforms like Qumu, it’s easier than ever to create and disseminate high quality internal videos.

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Developing Robust Data Analysis Techniques

Data analysis can be challenging. Sometimes, it might seem like you’re playing a game of Minesweeper: You’re looking at little white boxes with numbers inside of them, and one small error could have a catastrophic effect on the entire system. The difference is that Minesweeper is a harmless but challenging brain game, while data analysis has real world consequences.

Enterprise Integration for Personalized Customer Experiences

As brick-and-mortar stores become fewer and farther between and more business is conducted entirely over the internet, companies have to find new ways to build and maintain relationships with their prospects, leads, and customers. More and more today’s companies are developing those relationships by using technology to personalize customer experiences. One way that technology can help this process is integration: combining, interpreting, and using customer data from the systems you already have in place.

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Preparing for Custom App Development

Virtually everyone has a mobile phone these days, from your 8-year-old nephew to your 80-year-old grandmother. Most of these devices are smartphones: tiny computer sidekicks that we consult frequently throughout our day for advice on the weather, answers to trivia questions, communications from friends, and information about local businesses.

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Web Content Management Systems Help Your Website Work Harder

If you’re doing business in 2016, having a website is mandatory. But having an online presence that conveys basic information about your business isn’t enough. If you’re serious about growing your business and improving your brand, your website can be your most effective tool. Not only does it convey your brand vision and personality, but it also helps you build a community and develop goodwill.


The SiteCore CMS – A Design Overview

SiteCore is one of the leading enterprise-level content management systems. Built on ASP.NET, it is allows web content editors and marketing teams to have full control over all aspects of their website – whether that’s social media integration, blog posts, advanced site customization, e-commerce, and more.

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is a powerful open source CMS (Content Management System) implemented from PHP and uses MySQL as a database. In today’s web development world, it has gained popularity and acceptance as a global leader in the web content market. While WordPress has a complete built-in blog feature set that makes it the most popular blog platform on the web, it is equally fully-featured in enabling enterprise business websites.

Flyweight Design Pattern

This article is part 2 of the Design Pattern series.

The flyweight pattern is a design pattern that is used to minimize resource usage when working with very large numbers of objects. When creating many thousands of identical objects, stateless flyweights can lower the memory used to a manageable level. A flyweight is an object that minimizes memory use by sharing as much data as possible with other similar objects; it is a way to use objects in large numbers when a simple repeated representation would use an unacceptable amount of memory. For each of objects which use shared data only reference to shared object is saved.

Mediator Design Pattern

This article is part 1 of the Design Pattern series. Mediator Pattern is used to reduce communication complexity between multiple objects or classes. This pattern facilitates a mediator class which takes care of all the communication across different classes and supports easy maintenance of the code by loosely coupling. This pattern considered to be a …

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SiteCore vs. Adobe CQ – A Quandary?

It shouldn’t be controversial to say that coding in raw HTML, CSS, and PHP for anything other than small sites is a bit crazy. Especially with great WCMS like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress available for free. But even these aren’t always up to the task, especially for enterprise-grade sites integrated with advanced marketing management.

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How Woo Commerce Can Give A Perfect Start To Your Business

Woo Commerce is rapidly becoming a famous name in the ever evolving world of e-commerce development. While a large number of web developers around the world are already building websites based on this free WordPress plugin, a lot of the developers still have little to no clue what Woo Commerce is and how they can develop their next best project in it. Well, this article tells exactly that and more.