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Video and Media Services

PulaTech Outreach Media Services

Videos are a highly-effective form of storytelling, and allow brands to connect with customers more effectively. We help businesses understand diverse world of online digital marketing.

PulaTech Services:

Enterprise Video And Media Services – A Critical Component Of Business Expansion

PulaTech video content management is a proven way to capture the attention of potential clients and consumers. A study performed by KPCB estimates that online video will consume 74% of all bandwidth by the end of 2017. Not only that, a survey from Animoto indicates that consumers who watch a video instead of reading the text about your products are 4x more likely to make a purchase.

The numbers are clear – video content and advanced digital media are a key component of any global marketing strategy. To truly connect with customers and broadcast critical business information, your business needs to make use of computers, mobile devices, and even in-person advertising devices such as the PulaTech PulaKiosk.

PulaTech Enterprise Video

PulaTech specializes in the management of enterprise video. From corporate training videos and employee-focused content to entertainment and marketing materials, we’re here to help you deal with the complexities of modern, cloud-based video management, digital media solutions, video post production services

Cloud-Based Media

The future of video is in the cloud. Today, consumers expect to be able to watch videos from video streaming services anywhere – and companies like Netflix and YouTube allow them to do so. Keep up with this trend by utilizing cloud-based streaming media services from PulaTech!

Video is Everywhere

There’s no escaping the power of video. Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute – and this number continues to grow. Videos are a highly-effective form of storytelling, and allow brands to connect with customers more effectively. So take advantage of the most popular form of digital media solutions in the modern world – with PulaTech!

Digital Media For Business

You want to make your messages stand out on social media and like people pay attention to your posts. Digital media content catch the eye of people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram by competing with everyday users, businesses and organization. Digital media done right on social networking sites will ensure their users will find you.

Online Video Marketing

Successful business branding and marketing starts with a video. A powerful and creative video can be the single most compelling tool to influence audiences and their purchasing decisions. Marketing Videos can be delivered to your audience via your website, social media (YouTube, Facebook), video sharing services and email.

Media Consulting Services

We help businesses in online video marketing to promote brand awareness and attract attention of social media users. We provide digital signage solution for all industry ranging from retails, waiting rooms, hospitals, shopping malls etc.


Collaborate And Communicate Effectively With Live Video

PulaTech enable Business Success!

Collaboration and communication are based on sharing ideas – that’s what makes businesses work. Online live video and webcasting services , Enterprise Digital Media Solutions from PulaTech can enable your business to communicate more effectively with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and vendors.

 And with global availability and any-device streaming, it’s easier than ever to set up, schedule, and deliver live content – worldwide!

PulaTech helps globalize Your Video

Share Video Worldwide – And Reach A New Audience!

PulaTech Cloud-based video solutions are truly global and can reach offices in any country around the globe. Multinational corporations can empower their employees with a cloud-based video that can be watched from any device – at any time!

PulaTech  help you to achieve your goal.


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PulaTech Digital Media Services

Digital media is a blend of technology and content that requires team of professionals with diverse skills like technical skills, artistic skills, analytical and production coordination skills.. Digital media adds an element of motion that will naturally attract attention of people.

Live and on-demand streaming

Deliver content to virtually any device, allows you to deploy highly reliable live channels in minutes with full control over encoding parameters.

It lets you create high-quality video streaming for delivery to broadcast televisions and Internet-connected multi-screen devices, like connected TVs, tablets, and smart phones.

Video Convert

PulaTech Media Convert is a file-based video transcoding service for broadcast, or archiving, with support for a long list of formats and codecs.

It allows you to easily create video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery at scale.

Media Store

Media-optimized storage that enables high performance and low latency for applications such as live streaming video content, while taking advantage of the scale and durability of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). 

Content Protection

PulaTech Media Package reliably prepares and protects your video for delivery over the Internet. From a single video input, PulaTech Media Package creates video streams formatted to play on connected TVs, mobile phones, computers, tablets.

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