Use Custom Applications to Improve Your Training

Geoffrey Lee

Every employer wants to make employee on boarding and training more effective and efficient. Traditional training takes a lot of time, money, and resources—and is dreaded by trainers and employees alike. Hours of classroom time, lectures, and printed materials aren’t necessarily the best way to train new employees or ensure continuing proficiency. Fortunately, today’s interactive technology is making training both more effective and more enjoyable.

Customized eLearning Can Improve the Effectiveness of Training

Incorporating videos in your employee onboarding and training can yield impressive benefits because they engage learners on multiple levels (audio and visual). This can help employees learn and retain information and make training more effective. Plus, video can improve compliance with ongoing training efforts: an overwhelming majority of employees have reported that they are more likely to actually watch video-based training sessions than to read documents, emails, or web articles.

Even more effective training packages combine visual images, videos, interactive content, downloadable written materials, and audio into a complete, multi-modal learning package. This kind of eLearning is a powerful combination, providing the best solution for engaging learners. Creating custom applications and interactive eLearning materials allows you to specifically address the skills and knowledge you need your employees to master.

Custom Apps Can Prepare Employees for Real-World Situations and Challenges

Custom apps can allow you to use realistic scenarios and simulations that require your employees to analyze situations and make decisions as they would on the job. This way, you can ensure that new employees know how to handle actual problems, interact with customers, or deal with difficult situations. They can make mistakes, experiment with different outcomes, and troubleshoot problem-solving strategies.

Giving employees situations and challenges that simulate the exact circumstances of their workplace and job duties creates an extremely engaging and effective eLearning experience. Custom designed apps can improve the training process and help employees be more successful, reducing mistakes and losses due to inexperience and inadequate training.

Custom Apps Save Money by Encouraging Mobile Learning

Mobile learning allows learners to use any mobile device with an internet connection (such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop) to learn whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Compared to in-person, on-site training, on-demand video and interactive eLearning significantly reduces your training costs. A case study of one major U.S. company found that 40% of training costs came from travel and lodging costs alone. Eliminating or drastically reducing in-person training and switching to BYOD (“bring your own device”) training modules can result in significant savings.

But BYOD training is only effective if your employees actually use it! The most exciting thing about custom applications is that you can design them to be not only informative but also fun. Mobile games like Angry Birds and Pokémon Go are addictive ways to kill time while waiting in line, de-stress between meetings, or clear your head after finishing a project. What if you could design a custom training app that was not only informative but also entertaining? Your employees would be able to enhance their training, experience, and knowledge by engaging in fun, “gamified” simulations.

Custom Apps Can Encourage Community & Social Engagement

Custom application development can allow you to integrate social media and interactivity into your custom eLearning curriculum. Your employees can enhance their virtual classroom experience by participating in online discussions with each other, allowing them to ask questions, share concerns, and trade advice. You can enable employees to compete or collaborate within those games or exercises. This can encourage your employees to work with each other, get to know each other, and develop innovative solutions on a company-wide basis.

Custom apps can also help assess and monitor performance on an ongoing basis, enabling more contemporaneous and comprehensive feedback and management. You can develop custom apps that test skills, provide opportunities for growth and advancement, and track performance and development. You can even incorporate a system of rewards and positive feedback into your custom eLearning package.


Get Started with Custom Apps for Your Business

Interactive, online-accessible training offers your employees the ability to train at their own pace and build community without taking large amounts of time away from work. Your workforce can stay consistently more up to date on new products, procedures, technological advances, and policies by using engaging eLearning modules. You can more accurately and efficiently track your employees’ training progress and competencies while reducing overall training expenses. Investing in custom app development can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your business’ eLearning and training, and it’s easier and more affordable than you might think.

Developing custom eLearning and training materials is easy if you have the right partner. Pulatech will work with you to develop custom apps and allow you to harness the power of video and eLearning for your business. From marketing material to corporate content, entertainment to employee training, PulaTech will do the heavy lifting and help your business succeed. Contact us to get started!

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