Communicate Better with Customers with Custom Software Development

Geoffrey Lee

If you’re a business owner, you know that running a business in today’s world involves not only mastering traditional business responsibilities but also using modern technology well. As the economy becomes more tech-forward, small businesses customarily use technology that was once available only to big business customers, like tax and accounting programs, cloud-based software, and web-based marketing solutions.
Similarly, although custom software development may sound too complicated or expensive for your small business, building customizing applications for your business can now be an affordable, practical way to help any size business grow and thrive. Here are some ways that custom software can help your business communicate with customers, enhance their customer experience, and improve your customer relationships.

Sales and Payments

First and foremost, every business needs some kind of system that monitors how much inventory you have available and records customer purchases, keeping track of what was sold when to whom for how much money. Most businesses use simple accounting software, but many haven’t been able to find an affordable software solution that really does the things they want it to do without being overly complicated.

Ideally, your sales and payment system will be customized to best display your products for sale to online customers and make that sales process simple, in addition to tracking in-store sales (if appropriate). It also should integrate with other enterprise business solutions you may have in place, including

  • a content management system (CMS) for sales and online advertising,
  • a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that facilitates ongoing client communication,
  • an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that tracks and manages your supply chain, and
  • a manufacturing resource planning (MRP) system to direct your operational and financial planning.

Integrating your sales data into these systems allows you to get the most out of your customer information, make your business more efficient and giving each customer the best buying experience possible.

Whatever its size, your business can benefit from sales software customized for your unique needs. An expert software development team can recommend an application that meets most of your requirements and then modify it to give you a sales system that is perfect for you. From customizing the interface to making sure the style and branding fit your company, customizing your sales application and developing mobile sales apps helps you give your customers a great first impression of your brand.

Reservations and Appointments

If you’re a service provider, you know the importance of keeping an accurate, up-to-date calendar of clients. Today’s off-the-rack scheduling tools go a long way towards helping you get and stay organized, but building a custom scheduling app or customizing an existing app will allow you to develop an ideal interface for your client base and meet all of their needs and expectations during their entire customer experience.

Consumers book an increasing proportion of their appointments online, from medical appointments to restaurant reservations. In addition to managing scheduling, using a customized online appointment management system can help you provide both pre- and post-appointment services to each client. Customers can use a customized app or portal to submit paperwork, releases, confidential information, forms, and other client management documentation, reducing the amount of time they must spend on site. Customers can get quotes for services in advance and explore menu options detailing price tiers, packages, add-ons, and extras.

A customized reservation or appointment system that integrates with your other enterprise systems lets you use customer data to make the sales process more efficient and effective, importing past purchases, search data, and more. A custom software solution also makes targeted marketing easy by offering recurring appointments as appropriate to your individual business and clients.

Mobile Sales, Customer Support, and Engagement

In addition to developing or customizing a sales and payment application for your company, consider integrating a custom mobile app. A custom mobile app allows you to take advantage of current customer preferences for mobile shopping and business interactions. Customers spend more time and more money through mobile apps than ever before, so if your business is focuses on direct-to-consumer marketing and sales, it is likely worth your time to build a custom mobile app that lets you easily interact with more customers. Mobile apps are a great way to build and moderate social communities centered around your product or service to developing custom interactive applications. The possibilities for encouraging brand engagement are virtually endless!

Custom software applications and mobile apps are more accessible and affordable for businesses than ever before. From simple, task-specific apps and minor customizations to enterprise-wide custom app development, PulaTech can help with all of your custom app projects. Our professional project management makes coordinating and implementing your app development projects simple and straightforward.

Contact us today to talk about how your business can benefit from custom software solutions and put the power of Pula to work for you.


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