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Recent advances in technology have created an almighty consumer who can research, communicate, and purchase wherever they are and whenever they want. They expect companies to be updated in accordance with their changing needs. When it doesn’t happen, they simply switch to a different brand.

Integrating IBM Web Content Management System and Qumu’s Enterprise Video Management System

What does this mean for your business? Delivering simple and fast experiences is no longer enough. You need to be proactive and personalize every touch point. You need to continually look for new innovations that can give your business, a competitive edge. Moreover, you need to find the best and most efficient way to broadcast to your audience, as written content can no longer produce the desired action in the age of instant gratification. As a result, video content has become an integral part of the modern business environment.

You may be already using video content to connect with and engage potential clients, but are you incorporating it into your business’ workflow and collaborative spaces? You may not be aware of this, but integrating your enterprise video platform and content management system with your existing customer relationship management enables you to track customer data more accurately and effectively.

If you already have these two systems in place, why not build a more efficient way to develop, nurture, and create sales?

The Importance of CRM Integration and Collaboration

If you use live webcasting or share video content with potential clients, you know how important it is to correctly assess the relationship between prospects and your enterprise. Addressing customer needs through video content is much more effective than the creation and distribution of other forms of content, such as text or infographics.

Unfortunately, while you are sending amazing videos to prospects, you can’t tell if they are watching your content, and you are unable to predict their progress through the sales funnel because of the lack of feedback.

Fortunately, that is where integrating your CMS system with CRM comes into play.

As you might already know, CMS is a fantastic tool for content distribution, while CRM provides a more in-depth content segmentation and analysis. When you combine them into an integrated network, you get a solution that delivers a highly-effective and highly-targeted distribution of content.

Your CRM system will collect and store information regarding different aspects of your customer’s past interactions and purchases. This data can be used to create personalized video content that focuses on your prospect’s needs and preferences.

Integrating the two systems will also make the process of making adjustments and applying changes a lot easier. That is highly important in a fast-paced world where every decision has to be made quickly. Otherwise, you are just giving your competitors an advantage.

Advantages of System Integration

Having an integrated system in place that remembers the details of every interaction your customers have with your videos also enables you to see where they fade out. When you gain access to relevant data, you can see how many of your prospects have watched your video content, for how long, and if they’ve engaged with it in some way. You can also determine if they’ve watched a few videos in a row or if they rewatched specific parts of the content.

All this insight, which can be stored in your CRM system, can help you become more attentive in your next effort to reach them through video.

Here’s an example:

If your video content data inside your CRM indicates that a lead has watched four videos in a row about a product all the way to the end, then you can rest assured that they are looking for a solution and are determined to invest a lot of time to find the right one. By having this level of knowledge regarding the context of a potential purchase, you can create highly-targeted messages that address prospects at the right time.

The integration of these two management systems empowers you to address important questions about your clients based on their viewing history. The customer insight you will gain can help you improve your sales effectiveness.

Why Qumu Integrated with IBM ECM Solutions & Why It Matters

Qumu, the end-to-end video platform for businesses, was aware of the importance of managing and incorporating video content into workflows and collaborative spaces to give companies a competitive edge. Their decision to integrate with IBM’s enterprise content management (ECM) system came as a result of this realization and as an attempt to empower businesses by adding a new solution to their already-broad range of products and services.

Here’s why this is important and how it can fuel your CRM system.

IBM’s renowned ECM solution, FileNet CMS, can not only handle a wide spectrum of content, but also its security, admission, and retention. The Content Navigator feature offers a solid user experience for handling various types of content, including workflows and team spaces.

Qumu’s incorporation with IBM’s content management platform will allow you to manage video content efficiently. You will have access to a broad range of tools to help you create enterprise video content in a secure environment, and the ability to share it quickly and efficiently with your employees, partners, and clients. The integration of IBM’s ECM platform with video gives you the instruments you need to get creative with your enterprise video content and use it as effectively as possible. From on-demand videos to secure distribution of content, incorporating Qumu’s enterprise video management system to IBM’s Content Navigator and FileNet will give your business a tremendous competitive edge.

How Does It Work?

Qumu offers integration with IBM’s web content management system on various levels. The seamless assimilation of Qumu’s VCC (Video Control Center) with Content Navigator and FileNet enables you to create, send, and collect video content with approved organizational structures and metadata.

The assimilation also allows you to publish video content from FileNet to Qumu’s VCC to improve your viewers’ experience. As a result, browsing videos and watching them becomes faster and easier. You can also use the “speech” search function to look for certain words inside both individual videos and across repositories of videos to quickly find important information.

The Content Navigator feature enables you to embed video players for an increased user experience. This solution is available for both on-demand video content and webcasting.

How Qumu’s Integration with IBM Can Fuel Your CRM System

So far, we’ve talked about how integrating CMS and CRM can help you create better video content for your customer. But what about your internal audience?

In a world that is more connected than ever before, video content is probably one of the most effective internal communication mediums. Enterprise videos can help you not only keep employees engaged and motivated, but can also improve their productivity. When they watch a quality video on a well-built platform, they are more likely to retain the information delivered.

But how can you tell if your employees are actually watching your videos? That is where CMS and CRM integration comes into play.

Think about it this way: Qumu’s integration with IBM’s enterprise content management platform gave you the means to create a variety of content types without having to worry about security. It also provided you with the space to share and discover enterprise video content faster than ever before. Now it’s up to you to connect the systems and make them communicate with each other and share data in real time.

By integrating your state-of-the-art content management system with your customer relationship management solution, you can improve their existing functionality. By synchronizing the two platforms, you will be able to meet your employees’ needs and provide the right type of video content to the right viewers and at the right time. As a result, your employees will become more productive, and you’ll get the best value out of your business systems.


Qumu’s new features can be easily integrated into your company’s existing systems, such as your CRM platform. In fact, PulaTech is an official preferred integration partner of Qumu. We can help you integrate the Qumu platform with all its innovative features into your existing CRM solutions, expanding their functionality to increase the value of video to both your customers and business users.

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more about how we can help you.

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