We present The Amazon Cloud: 7 New Services You Should Be Leveraging – Today!

The Amazon Cloud_ 7 New Services You Should Be Leveraging
Geoffrey Lee

Amazon is the undisputed king of cloud computing. The corporate giant has leveraged their enormous data centers and quickly turned their Amazon Web Services into one of the most powerful and flexible cloud-based hosting platforms in the world.

As of 2016, Amazon Web Services had over 1 million users, and $10 billion in sales – placing them at the forefront of the cloud computing industry. And it’s not hard to understand why AWS is so popular – it’s reliable, flexible, and eminently customizable.

Not only that, Amazon offers a tremendous variety of useful, first-party services that can be used on the AWS platform. From artificial intelligence to game development tools, to mobile services and purpose-built customer services platforms, AWS has it all.

However, it can be hard for first-time AWS users to understand the tools that will be most useful to them – so our team has put together this handy list of the 7 most helpful AWS services that you can leverage today!

1. Amazon Kinesis

If you use AWS services and need real-time data collection, feedback, and interpretation services, Amazon Kinesis is the best service for you.

Amazon Kinesis allows for the automatic collection and interpretation of data from your AWS applications across a wide variety of applications, including application logs, IoT data, and website clickstreams. This data can be interpreted in real-time and then sent to dedicated data warehouses and databases for future business intelligence (BI) analysis.

With a fully-managed, scalable application base, Amazon Kinesis can be used for businesses of any size – and provide valuable, data-driven analytics that can provide powerful BI insights.

2. Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC is a must for any development team that uses Amazon Cloud Services. Using IPv4 and IPv6 configurations, Amazon VPC allows developers to provision logically isolated sections of their Amazon Web Services cloud – providing developers with a secure, separated development resource that can be scaled up or down at will.

Amazon VPC is also a great way to create secure connections to corporate datacenters, other VPCs, and secure private subnets.

3. Amazon Workspaces

Amazon Workspaces is a recent service offering from Amazon. This is the first ever Desktop as a service (DaaS) application from Amazon.

With just a few clicks from the AWS management console, Amazon Workspaces allows you to provision fully-functional Windows desktop computers for any number of users.

These desktops are fully compatible with Amazon AWS, allowing easy access to files and databases stored within the Amazon Cloud – and best of all, you can try this service for free!

4. Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a flexible and powerful database application that’s hosted entirely in the Amazon Cloud. Requiring no maintenance, upgrades, or servicing, Amazon DynamoDB provides industry-leading performance.

Best of all, automatic scaling eliminates performance issues – if your database expands beyond your provisioned size, it can be automatically monitored and scaled, providing consistent performance for IoT, search, and gaming applications – among dozens of others.

5. Amazon Inspector

Security is paramount in the modern world of IT – and Amazon Inspector allows you to take control of the security of your AWS implementation.

Amazon Inspector can automatically detect security vulnerabilities and streamline security compliance, and allows users to set customized security standards that help enforce security best practices.

And with DevOps integration capabilities, Amazon Inspector can help you identify security vulnerabilities at any point during the development and deployment of your software applications.

6. Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is one of the newest services provided by AWS. This lightweight, cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) software has been created to provide a simple, at-a-glance BI platform.

With features such as ad-hoc analysis, simplified visualization software, and nearly-instantaneous data retrieval, QuickSight makes it easy for business owners to gain valuable insights into their businesses – at only 1/10th of the cost of traditional BI applications.

7. Amazon Lightsail

Rounding out our top 7 services is Amazon Lightsail. Amazon Lightsail is a lightweight virtual private server application that runs on top of AWS services.

Starting at just $5/month, AWS customers can create, implement, and manage virtual private servers with just a few clicks. This makes it easier than ever for software developers and IT teams to deploy custom applications. And because Lightsail servers are scalable, you can use the same server from prototyping to product launch – and beyond!

Using AWS? Check Out These 7 Services Today!

No matter what business you’re in, you can benefit from one of these powerful AWS services – guaranteed. Amazon Web Services is a flexible platform that can be used for just about anything – from custom application solutions to enterprise integration, app development, and more!

And with the power of AWS services, the sky’s the limit. So check out these above services, and see how you can leverage your Amazon Cloud today!

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact our team! We’d be happy to continue this discussion with you – and talk about how we can use the Amazon Cloud to transform your business!

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