Use API Integration to Improve Your Business Management System

Geoffrey Lee

API, or application programming interface, is roughly defined as processes that enable and allow programs to connect and communicate with other programs. You can think of APIs as the languages that allow software-to-software interface without any previous user knowledge or intervention.

Easy API Integration and Web Services Development Services
Using order management API services, you can enable your business to be more efficient, less costly and faster than your competition. You can easily integrate PulaTech’s test management system into your current business management system (BMS) to allow you to automate

Order requests
Status inquiries
Data retrieval
Historical inquiries
Data extraction
and more. Order management systems usually have workflow capabilities to manage this process.


Integrating our Test Management System into your Business Management System

But what if our test management system doesn’t speak your language?

Good news! We can translate! Our configuration team can work with yours to translate your test codes to our test codes and to ensure that the data you receive back speaks to you in your language.

We realize that our industry does not have a great universal standard for test code names and services. For a small setup fee, our technical consulting team can work with your business team all interpret your test codes into our system and to ensure the results that we return to you speak your language.

Need an API to Connect Your BMS to Our TMS Service?

We can help! Using API best practices, we can consult, engineer, and build an API integration for you in a very short period of time. Our company offers expert development services that can help you integrate your business management system into our testing management system if you need help or you don’t have the technical engineering resources to spare.

From start to finish, we’ll evaluate your needs and customize your systems to look, feel, and perform the way your business demands. Contact us today to find out more about how we can design and implement custom software solutions to help your business thrive.


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