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Effectively Employing Algorithms for Data Visualization

Many people think of data visualization as a logical “next step” in the data manipulation process. They’ve gone through the process of collecting data, cleaning data, mining data, and analyzing data, all of which can be a pretty demanding ordeal. So when they arrive at the visualization step, they start imagining bars, graphs and pie charts, similar to the ones you’d make in school. Easy as pie, right?

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Data Mining: Make Sense of the Numbers Using Skill & Software

Data collection tools and techniques have improved significantly, leaving companies with vast amounts of data—billions or even trillions of data points. There are many ways you can use this data: to improve customer satisfaction, to deliver a better product, or to raise morale among your employees. You’ve collected all this data through surveys, questionnaires, tracking software, and other means, and compiled it into spreadsheets.


Cloud-Based Solutions: Efficient Tools for Global Teams

The recent advancements in cloud computing have been a major technological boon to the world of business. The value of the cloud can be distilled into three “Cs”: collaboration, communication, and cost. Cloud services have opened up new opportunities for remote collaboration and global communication among workers—capabilities that can ultimately bring down the cost of doing business for everyone.