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The PulaKiosk

An Interactive way to engage customers

The Kiosk Itself


The displays themselves are a beautiful product. When searching for the right stand for the device, we aimed to find something that reflected the product’s elegance and functionality – and that’s just what we got. The PulaKiosk, built on a sturdy tablet stand, features a durable lightweight aluminum design for easy transportation. Security screws keep the device securely mounted inside. The kiosk’s modern, simple design fits the aesthetics of any space, making it a natural addition to any waiting room.

* Offered in Sky White, Gun Metal Grey, and Black color finishes, the devices are beautiful and welcoming. In interactive Kiosk mode, the  simplicity of the design invites all ages to use the device – adults, children, and seniors alike. The displays are large enough to comfortably watch from a standing distance and light enough to hold in your hands. Standing at 3′ 10″ high, the screen is at a comfortable viewing height for all ages.

* Depending on the model chosen.  This paragraph describes the interactive Kiosk models shown above.  The platform is available in many form factors, sizes and configurations to meet your locations diverse needs.

Digital Signage, Displays & Consoles

The PulaKiosk platform enables the creation of advanced interactive video signage displays backed by  a browser-based content management portal. The interactive video signage as well as interactive consoles are both linked to the cloud hosted PulaKiosk Administration Portal to create a location aware distributed, centrally managed ecosystem.  No internal infrastructures necessary beyond beautiful digital displays, and no IT deployment required.

Interactive displays can also be combined with non-interactive displays on one single network, and managed from a single central online portal, saving significant operational costs.


Interactive Display

Pulakiosk Features

Central Administration

Manage the enterprise in one convenient portal, no matter how global your enterprise.

Easy to use Administration Portal..

New and easy to use user interface fully adapted to your specific needs and services

Reliable Video Streaming

Interactive Devices and Digital Signage have configurable caching capabilities to enable resiliency of playback. These features conserve & minimize network bandwidth requirements and usage.

Customizable to your Corporate Brand

Customize the look & feel to complement your branding.

Build your own content or subscribe to public channels

Build custom channels, programs and videos to communicate your messages or subscribe to professionally published content within the system for some of your more specialized content such as HR legal topics or video messaging around Health Services Topics. Build professional content and sell it on the internal marketplace!


Integrate with your EVMS!

The PulaKiosk Platform integrates easily and out of the box with 75% of Garter's top 10 Enterprise Video Management System Vendors!

Extend your EVMS!

Leverage your corporate investment in Video on Digital Corporate Signage Solutions & Interactive Kiosks!
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Production Release: June 10th, 2019

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