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Building Next Gen Applications

Pulatch aims at forefront of Cordova Mobile App development industry. Our Cordova developers have expertise to take app experience to a whole new level with Cordova development. Our robust team has pushed the boundaries of what is possible and delivered incredible apps to our customers.

We build & design a mobile app which to help clients to develop mobile application as per their need.


Build mobile apps using HTML, CSS, and JS

If you know how to build web apps, you’ll quickly feel at home building mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using Apache Cordova. Most developers achieve nearly 100% code re-use by leveraging Cordova’s shared JavaScript API to access native device capabilities like the camera, calendar and contacts.

Plus, because hybrid apps make use of native webviews, you can take your favorite JavaScript framework with you – frameworks like Angular, React and Ionic.

Cordova Tools

A diverse ecosystem of command line tools, JavaScript frameworks, and cloud services exist that augment Cordova

Adobe PhoneGap

PhoneGap is the original and most popular distribution of Apache Cordova. Turn your HTML, CSS and JavaScript into an app on your device in minutes using our simple desktop and developer apps.


Ionic is a front-end SDK for building cross-platform mobile apps. Built on top of Angular, Ionic also provides a platform for integrating services like push notifications and analytics.

Visual Studio

Popular IDE for building cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Complete with advanced build and debugging support.


Telerik Platform is a complete mobile app development platform for developing hybrid and native apps with JavaScript. Use our free and open source Kendo UI framework with Telerik Platform to address every stage of your application lifecycle.


Hybrid App Development

Owing to the experience which we have garnered over the years, we can effortlessly mold your idea into a high performance hybrid apps. Our application developers make use of the best frameworks including Cordova and PhoneGap to ensure that the latest devices and functions are supported. Thus, once you have tried our apps, you can be sure to ask for more of our services.

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