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Progress Sitefinity

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Progress Sitefinity

PulaTech engages with Progress Sitefinity customers for Sitefinity CMS development, selling CMS licenses, sales support and on the street person for demo in Midwest US.

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Progress Sitefinity
About Progress Sitefinity
Sitefinity CMS is a single content and marketing command center to drive growth for your business. Create, deliver and manage easily a multi-site experience deployed your way.
Progress tools and platforms enable the world’s leading businesses to deliver new technologies that are adaptive, connected and cognitive.
Web Content Management, Mobile, Application Development Services.
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PulaTech works with Progress from initial call, to closed deal and beyond, PulaTech and Progress are your trusted advisor throughout the business cycle.

Sitefinity CMS Development - Optimize Customer Experiences

Progress Sitefinit platform empowers you to fuel predictable business growth by engaging customers
in targeted, personalized experiences across multiple channels. The platform includes two integrated
solutions that work together to guide and optimize the customer journey:

  • Progress Sitefinity Content Management System (CMS) is the most user-friendly CMS
    available on the market today. Featuring an intuitive interface with contextual guidance, it enables
    business users to create impactful customer experiences with personalized content, run digital
    marketing campaigns, and conduct e-commerce—on any device and in multiple languages—while
    letting technical resources focus on innovation rather than maintenance.
  • Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) is a digital command center that gathers and analyzes customer behavior patterns from multiple systems and channels to predict marketing results, and provides recommendations for more effective engagement. These data-driven insights enable you to continually optimize the customer experience and guide individuals toward
    increased engagement, conversion and retention.
Sitefinity CMS

Delivering Fresh, Relevant Content Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to web content management, Sitefinity CMS empowers business users to be more independent and effective than ever before. It provides powerful drag-and drop
authoring, on-page editing, and contextual guidance, so you don’t have to rely on web developers to create, update, personalize and adapt content for multiple channels.

Deliver Multidevice Experiences at Scale

Seamlessly integrate mobile into your web content management experience. The Sitefinity CMS built-in responsive design engine adapts pages and navigation
for any device and screen size automatically, based on pre-defined rules, so your website looks great no matter where it’s viewed.

Drive Conversions with Personalized Content

Start engaging visitors in more targeted and relevant experiences. Use Sitefinity CMS to segment visitors based on criteria—where they came from, what they searched for,
length of visit and more—and set up your web pages to serve personalized content.

Ready to Handle Global Deployments at Any Scale

The Sitefinity platform is a global solution that spans brands, organizations, languages and assets to support productivity, performance and delivery at any scale. It provides:
• Centralized control of all websites and assets
through multisite management
• Staging and synchronization of content and code
across different environments
• Multilingual support to meet the needs of global
• Comprehensive enterprise security, authentication
and single sign-on capabilities

PulaTech help Progress customers to empower and sustain their business using following tools and resources:

Progress customers span the globe and include thousands of ISVs that build their business application offerings on Progress, and tens of thousands of organizations using Progress to build their own mission-critical applications.

Services provided by PulaTech

Sitefinity CMS

By providing an open and extensible architecture, the Sitefinity platform makes it easy to build even the most sophisticated custom experiences and integrations.

UX/UI Customization

We deliver everything you need to build a modern web application under tight deadlines, with out-of-the-box features and functions that can speed your development time by 50 percent.

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