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Our Story

Pulatech's Story

Since it’s start in 2011, PulaTech has been recognized as a growing powerhouse in the software consulting market. 

We take pride in our work, our brand, and our identity. 

Pula Culture

A Culture of Innovation

The PulaTech team is built from the tech industry’s best thinkers, designers, and future-forward minds working together to expand the possibilities of development and design. 

Pula Pride

Our PulaPride is more than attachment to our work, it’s our dedication. Pride in the workplace inspires individuals and teams to achieve more, communicate better, and build on each other’s strengths. Colleagues care for and trust in one another, taking pride in the well-oiled machine of our workflow. We go that extra mile – just because we can.

Our Story of being a software solutions provider starts here

PulaTech is a creative company focused on emerging technology, our team of certified experts working to provide best custom Software development services and custom software solutions.

Leading companies and top talent choose PulaTech

This is our story

PulaTech, A Beginning

Neck-deep in the IT industry with a diet Mountain Dew on his desk, stubble on his chin, and a bookshelf full of Code magazines, a man daydreams of something greater, something he is passionate about, something that will change the world. Or at least something with a comfier chair and better coffee.


One day, he has an idea. The kind of idea that comes once in a lifetime and only to jet black suit-wearing entrepreneurs. Then again, it could be the questionable Chinese food he ate for lunch. IT can be simple. And cheap. Cut the long acronyms and the bloated costs and just create software that people actually need at a reasonable price, all while avoiding hairball architecture from the very beginning. A tech shop focused on flexible and scalable architecture.

pulatech plug into technology hairball

He picked up a phone and his fingers started punching in numbers nearly forgotten. Before he knew what was really even happening, words were exchanged and his comrades from all corners of the map came together and formed a team. Or if you will, a band of vigilantes taking software development into their own hands. Matching polos may or may not have been worn. A new company was founded: PulaTech.


The winds of change were blowing. Rumor of the team’s tech wizardry spread like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert. Demand for our services weighed down the few brave men who stepped out on their own to form this company. More help was needed. Office spaces were acquired and the team set up two base camps: one in Minnesota and one in central India. The team’s cross-shore, global model was organized from the get-go. Ever since the clicking of PulaTech keyboards has never ceased, echoing States-side by day and across India by night.Well, technically it’s daytime while the team works in India as well. That’s how time differences work.

Some say we stood out because of its customer-centric approach. They believed customers are the most important assets of every organization. And because the customer was considered every step along the way, partnerships were formed that still holds today. Many even began in 2011, the year PulaTech was founded. Know every customer, shape every experience. And as always, maintain a high-degree of confidentiality and security for every client.


Simply put, we bring in cash flow for all our clients. We have since the beginning. How? By sticking to what works. Adhere to tried-and-true processes. You want quick turnaround times and on-time delivery? It’s easy to deliver when your teams are regularly trained and certified at interactive workshops. We have stayed on top of technology and market innovation.

Pula Culture

We’re always on the lookout for new energy and talent to bring to our team. To apply, please send us something you’ve made that you are proud of. To learn more about our teams, follow us on Twitter.

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