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Company Pride


We deliver the very best because our hearts are instilled with PulaPride.

We take pride in our work, our brand, and our identity. 


PulaTech was founded by Geoffrey lee in 2011, and includes a team of tech industry’s best thinkers, designers, Internet and media veterans who work together to expand the possibilities of development and design.

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Company Culture

Our team is built from the tech industry’s best thinkers, designers, and future-forward minds working together to expand the possibilities of development and design.

Since it’s start in 2011, we have been recognized as a growing powerhouse in the software consulting market. We take pride in our work, our brand, and our identity.

Whether you are working at our company or working with us, you will notice a difference. We take pride in growing a company culture of friendly, creative individuals who are always looking for new ways to take your ideas into the real world.



Our PulaPride is more than attachment to our work, it’s our dedication. Pride in the workplace inspires individuals and teams to achieve more, communicate better, and build on each other’s strengths. Colleagues care for and trust in one another, taking pride in the well-oiled machine of our workflow. We go that extra mile – just because we can

Take a look at any “Best Workplaces of the Year” list. These are companies proud of their employees, and in return, everyone takes pride in their work. Immersion programs and dedicated training pave the way for clear expectations and two-way communication. Employees can be proud that their work goes beyond their daily tasks, and leaves a lasting impression on the world around them. A proud employee is a happy one. That’s what we embody at our company. We deliver the very best because our hearts are instilled with PulaPride.


Workplace culture is a catch-all buzzword, familiar to the modern executive. While creating a successful office culture lacks the concreteness of, say, managing finances, it is essential. At PulaTech, we have grown a thriving office culture.

We love our team culture: collaborative lunches, cross-team introductions and tours, and all-day seminars equipping new employees with what they need to be successful. It’s important that our employees see real examples of how their work impacts their clients and community. Nobody likes busywork, and that means that the right jobs are given to the right people. A positive attitude and a desire to share in a company’s success is far more beneficial than a stubborn, experienced employee who refuses to assimilate in a positive office culture. Aptitude can be taught, attitude can not.

Team members are encouraged to express their personalities in their workspaces. Collaborative meeting areas within the office foster inventiveness and bring the team together. Cross-team conversations spark ideas and build relationships — which is why our teams love going out to lunch with colleagues and clients. Happy employees are motivated employees. And best of all – promoting a positive work environment doesn’t cost a thing. We have developed a culture where everyone believes in what he or she does and in the company’s success — because that is what inspires people to do their best.

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