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Custom PHP

Delivering Robust PHP Solution with Creativity

Pulatech is a leading PHP web development company in Usa & India that works with the best talent in the industry. PHP is a dynamic web development language. It is widely used because of its dynamic features. PHP is very effective in developing portals. Pulatech, as a portal development company, has in-house PHP developers to fulfill any kind of development needs related to your business.


Today, every professional web design services have been completed with the help of custom PHP development service. This development technology has proven its advantages for its users and that is the reason why 20 Million websites have been using Custom PHP. We can classified Yahoo and Flicker in those list. We have developed more than 200 websites in PHP, using custom PHP or with framework or using open source CMS.


Developing website in Custom PHP is very Cost-effective. As PHP language is open source and we don’t need pay any license fees. The cost for hosting server setup or renting PHP compatible servers is very less compare to Windows server with its licensing. When developing PHP applications, another advantage is the ability to save large amounts of money which otherwise would be necessary in order to hire and train people. Instead your developer will use frameworks, like Zend, Cake, Symfony, which are open-source. When in need of advice, the developer may call to the supporting community if the problem is not very complicated, instead of paying an expert. Even a beginner PHP developer can count on programming guides and on PHP tutorials on the web. All with zero costs.

The quick turn-around time ensured by custom PHP developers is another way of saving time , implicitly and money.



This web development platform is suitable for all business expansions because it is compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Mac). Moreover, you have freedom of choice for web servers, too, because PHP supports the most common server types, such as IIS and Apache. Custom PHP development solutions make it possible to deliver technically powerful and dynamic websites because the platform itself is robust and well-done, with excellent database management functionality. The intuitive memory building capacity means that developers don’t have to waste time on gathering codes from other sources.

Some publishing and web development platforms, like Joomla and WordPress, exist thanks to PHP. This means they support PHP scripts and you can easily make a shift from PHP to other environments.




When using custom PHP services, you will always be updated with the latest information in the domain and also you know that once your application is completed, you will be ensured web maintenance services, as errors might need to be corrected or features, added.

It is the best choice for developing web applications

Developing PHP applications will allow web designers to help their clients build a business process according to their requirements. PHP makes it possible to build dynamic web pages that can be later embedded into HTML. The automatic business generation will eventually lead to reduced costs. Individualized services may cost more in the first place, but in the end they will help you save money and make your business more profitable.

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