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Why Choose AngularJS Development Services

We develop applications using AngularJS, developing application using angular JS provides benefits such as better performance, easy applicability, strong and flexible routing, mobility driven and supported by faster and modern browsers.

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Google's new SPA framework has a lot going for it.

AngularJS is Google’s open-source web application framework which was developed to meet the needs of rapid application development and testing for single-page applications (SPAs). Because it is a simple javascript library, its structure is familiar and easy to use. AngularJS is built in a single core library, so your web pages are still lightweight and lightning fast – just include one .js file in the page header. Using a new feature called directives, AngularJS introduces tags and html attributes that are used to bring refreshing responsiveness and data binding with minimal effort by the developer.

Top Features

AngularJS, powered by Google, has many impressive features. Even as a new contender, it has already made a grand entrance into the industry of web and mobile app development. AngularJS generates new opportunities for the developers with its latest enhanced features. It has become a favorite framework among developers who look for quick, lightweight app development.

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AngularJS Development Services

We offer consolidated AngularJS Development with different server-side technologies like ASP.NET, JSP/Java, and PHP. We can develop web applications (including SPAs), interactive apps, AJAX solutions, and other custom solutions. We also specialize in portal development such as enterprise dashboards, customer portals, marketing dashboards, and video service solutions – all powered by and taking full advantage of AngularJS’s speed and simplicity. We can also integrate the benefits of AngularJS in your content management system, whether that is Joomla, WordPress, SiteCore, or any other website you would like to bring up to speed with refreshing performance and exciting new features.

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