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What is PulaKiosk?

What is PulaKiosk? The PulaKiosk stand is a touchscreen device installed in an office and hospital waiting rooms, where patients and customers can browse for videos to learn more about the appointment they are currently waiting for. PulaKiosk delivers informative video, targeted for installation in appointment-based office waiting rooms.
PulaKiosk is a perfect fit for any industry. To name some examples:

  • Patients at a dentist’s office can watch videos about good dental health habits, or something more specific such as an informational video about the cavity filling they are about to receive.
  • Dermatology patients can watch videos about skin healthcare, and chiropractic patients can watch therapeutic videos about exercises they can do at home to help with injuries.
  • Hair salons can offer videos of trending hair styles to customers while they wait for their haircut.

No matter what kind of waiting room, we are ready to work with industry professionals to produce channels, programs, and video series on content best fit for their audience.

The Device

The stand itself is a beautiful product. When searching for the right stand for the device, we aimed to find something that reflected the product’s elegance and functionality – and that’s just what we got. The PulaKiosk, built on a sturdy tablet stand, features a durable lightweight aluminum design for easy transportation. Security screws keep the device securely mounted inside. The kiosk’s modern, simple design fits the aesthetics of any space, making it a natural addition to any waiting room.

Offered in Sky White, Gun Metal Grey, and Black color finishes, the device is beautiful and welcoming. It’s simplicity invites all ages to use the device – adults, children, and seniors alike. The 10″ display is large enough to comfortably watch from a standing distance. Standing at 3′ 10″ high, the screen is at a comfortable viewing height for all ages.

The Software

PulaKiosk comes pre-configured with custom software. Simply turn it on and you’re ready to go. The device is managed from a website dashboard where you configure which video channels you would like to subscribe to on your PulaKiosk.

The video platform is organized into a channel system. Choose from channels from all sorts of industries, such as healthcare, architecture, information technology, or work with us to create a new video channel. You get to choose from every PulaKiosk channel ever made. You pay per channel you subscribe to, or select a package containing video channels relevant to a particular industry. Each channel contains a variety of programs, or a number of video series which can be selected on the PulaKiosk device and watched at any time.

By separating the account administration from the device, you can leave your PulaKiosk right where it is. Configure your channel subscriptions from any web-connected device or computer, anywhere in the world, and your PulaKiosk will update within minutes the next time it’s connected online.

One concern we acknowledged during the initial design was related to the amount of internet bandwidth the device would require. When a video is streamed, it is downloaded as the user watches in real time. However, if the same video is watched a hundred times, it is not downloaded each and every time it is watched. PulaKiosk manages its video effectively and efficiently, and does not stream video. If your channel subscription is updated, the videos are downloaded one time and stored locally. This way, the same videos can be watched over and over on your device after updating your subscription just one time, and the same videos won’t be downloaded more than once.

PulaKiosk’s software makes it easy to manage your floor device. Place the device in your waiting room, turn it on, set up it’s internet connection, and log in to your account. From there, you can step back! All you need to do is log into your PulaKiosk account online and select your video channels. PulaKiosk is ready to update its video library as soon as you are finished on the web dashboard.

Prototypes and Project Timeline

The PulaKiosk product has been in product design for nearly a year now. We have designed countless stand prototype concepts before carefully selecting our suppliers for the physical device. The software design has been revised and re-revised, again and again each and every time we discover a way to make the interface better and more simple.

Our Challenges

We are primarily a software services company. As a new company seeking to grow beyond our software services, we seek to bring an exciting new product into the world. With your help, the product can reach beyond the up-front costs we are facing. PulaTech’s development teams are ready to implement the final software designs, but we need your help.

We have already spent a lot of time designing PulaKiosk. Its prototype interface design is close to being a market-ready product. We are absolutely confident that we will deliver the PulaKiosk product if the project is funded. Now, the success of this project depends on you! We’re looking to the community to join us and be a part of the creation of this breathtaking new device!


Thank you,

The PulaTech Team

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