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Enterprise integration essential for businesses

Enterprise integration allow businesses to stay connected, innovative, competitive and providing businesses the insights to make better decisions. Enterprise integration benefits system interconnectivity, gives the right information when you need, real time update and provide coordination between business processes.


Technology today needs to be connected. With our help you can connect your software and API’s in any way imaginable. Take advantage of custom APIs to enhance your product and connect your applications to even more data using lightning-fast connections — something that’s on every developers wish list. Does your business utilize software-as-a-service (known as SaaS)? To many businesses cloud software is as necessary as the wheel. Harness the explosion of cloud applications across your business and benefit from connected, powerful systems. With PulaTech, enterprise integration can help re-energize and re-vitalize your legacy software. Connect local databases with cloud applications and mobile devices to turn information into insight.


Stay Connected

Accessing your data should be easy. Expose and unlock the data you choose, and do it quickly and easily through secure integration and controlled API access. Your data when and where you need it.

Easy & Low Impact

Take the simple route when composing and maintaining APIs. Design new connections in hours instead of days, keep updates interruption-free, and make the changes you need to the back-end or front-end with minimal impact to other systems and customers.


Bring your existing APIs up to speed and onto a new level with modern integration and future-minded architecture. Turn existing assets into modular building blocks that can be readily assembled, activated, and expanded upon for future innovation.

Next Generation SOA

Cutting edge Software Oriented Architecture.

In 2014, SOA and APIs will be even better together – and even prove they are two side of the same “loosely coupled” coin. When used in combination, SOA and APIs will deliver a new generation of flexible and impactful enterprise-class projects.

The prediction from execs at SOA Software, among the early vendors to fuel the API economy, could lead to some eye-popping consequences for a laundry list of cutting edge projects – analytics, big data, cloud, mobile and even the Internet of Things.

~ Lance McCarthy, Integration Developer News

Legacy System Modernization

Align legacy systems with modern technologies.

For companies with significant value in existing IBM legacy applications – where re-facing is not enough – PulaTech uses an incremental process to modernize your software. Our process allows you to rapidly consolidate your applications and replace legacy programs with new re-engineered components. Along the way we keep in mind best practices, such as Service Oriented Architecture and proven integration patterns.

Salesforce Integration

Upgrade your CRM services.

PulaTech has been providing Salesforce consulting, development, and integration services since 2008. Armed with many years of service experience, we excel in delivering unmatched quality Salesforce services under fast turn around times.

Our team of consultants and certified Salesforce developers have delivered CRM projects for customers worldwide. Our experts will revitalize your existing cloud practices and systems, develop new strategies as per latest trends and standards, and customize your Salesforce product to maximize its efficiency and output.