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Know Every Customer, Shape Every Experience

Present customers with relevant, personalized experiences every time they engage with your brand. Know every need and tailor the customer experience to keep them coming back. PulaTech will help you shape every experience from acquisition to retention, from one purchase to the next, and from awareness to advocacy. Stay connected every step of the way and give your customers an engaging, attentive personal experience. Your organization can create lifelong relationships — continued conversations that build and develop into business connections that sustain growth for both sides, as well as providing a secure revenue stream.

Document Workflow

Track tasks, progress updates, and bugs along the way. Keep documents organized and accessible so that teams can share resources and have the latest information.

Customer Conversation

Stay in touch with clients. Combine web content management with customer feedback to drive real one-on-one engagement with every customer at every touch point.

Ongoing Support

Problems never happen at the most convenient times. With our cross-shore business model placing teams in India’s time zone, we always have individuals ready to make urgent last-minute fixes and maintain open communication channels — even in the middle of the night.

Relationships Are Business

Positive customer interaction for business advantage.

Create an automated, flexible, and predictive customer experience management platform that seamlessly combines web content management with customer intelligence to drive real one-on-one engagement with every customer at every touch point. We know how to implement, configure, and integrate your Customer Relationship Management system to drive business advantage.